our favorite toxin is jeuveau!

you get an additional $40 off when you purchase at least 20 units of jeuveau. ask us for details! 


we also carry dysport, botox and xeomin - subject to availability. please contact before booking for these other brands.


Dysport sold in Botox equivalent units

1 unit purchased =  3 units of dysport

We treat advanced areas

flat rate:

Lip Flip = $75

tinkerbell nose lift = $50

smooth undereyes = $75

 Nefertiti Neck Lift = $400

platysmal bands = $200

Hyperhidrosis = $300

Swan NEck = $600

Baby Botox = unit price



Dermal fillers:

Areas we treat -

Lips, cheeks, jawline, fine lines, acne scars:


Liquid Face Lift $2000

(4ml for cheeks, Jawline, and nasolabial folds,

50 units Jeuveau)



we are no longer able to save filler!

all filler must be used in one session. you may purchase additional filler for touchups at a reduced rate of $100 for .25ml or $200 for .5ml.

this price is only valid 2 weeks after filler treatment and no longer than 2 months



fat dissolving:


$450 per vial

$850 2 vials











PDO Threads

Foxy Eyes $600

Brow Lift plus

Jeuveau for crows

Smooth Threads

small area $200

Large Area $300 

Bilateral (cheeks) $450

*consult for more info on

area size and pricing

Lifting Threads

2 Vector lift $600

4 Vector Lift $800